Monday, December 20, 2010


It is a rainy gloomy day here in southern California however I wanted to share with you my latest treasure...a boxful of vintage baby shoes! My heart pounded as I carried these away, thinking about the cute things I could make with them. Here is a pic of my boxful of shoes!
Here is a picture of my first project completed...a sweet pincushion!  

And here is my second pincushion. See my Etsy store for more information.
I also found some lovely pink items during this winter season that were adorable...
This is a vintage flower girls basket done in soft pink tulle...
And a worn wool pink single mitten that is now a pincushion.
What fun to find these sweet things at this time of year. Winter pink and little feet...some real treasures!

Well hope you all are staying warm and enjoying the week before Christmas. I'm off to finish my baking!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Much thanks to my computer wizard son for helping me figure out how to add buttons! Also got my Etsy link and my RSS feed going for me! What a blessing he is!

Starting my blog

Hello everyone! I'm trying my hand at starting a blog and with no experience whatsoever I can see that it will be a SLOW process for me! I do hope to get this going and would appreciate any help whatsoever. It is the end of December...the week before Christmas. Wishing you all a blessed Christmas as we celebrate Jesus's birth.